A Comprehensive Life Coaching Engagement

Life coaching will benefit you if you’re ready to commit to long-term, meaningful and sustainable changes that align with:

  • what’s truly important to you,
  • your talents, affinities and gifts,
  • what naturally motivates you and
  • what satisfies and gratifies you.

Is this You?

You have an important goal you’re ready to accomplish, or are facing a transitional phase in your life. A clear and undivided focus is essential to your wellbeing.

You’re not looking for shortcuts, or to be told how to achieve your aspirations. You know this lifetime reflects the unique and individual expression that is You, and you’re ready to own it as only you can!

You know fears and confusion will arise as you consciously empower your dreams and goals, but you’ve reached a point where you desire accomplishment more than the suffering of procrastination, doubt and worry.

If these statements reflect your current experience, you may be ready for life coaching.

Who I work with

You’ll find my life coaching style most beneficial if you’re in an emotionally grounded state and know what you want, but are experiencing a block – such as feeling overwhelmed, stuck or bored.  Despite feeling blocked, you’re ready to do the intellectual, emotional, and physical work to manifest your personal vision with a clear mind and unhindered heart.

If this is you, and you’re ready for meaningful transformation, let’s connect for a free introductory life coaching session to see if we’re a good match!

 How I Coach

As your life coach, my purpose is to support you in integrating your spiritual foundation (what feels True to you) with practical, down-to-earth, goals and action-steps you can implement in your life.

After an initial assessment of your energetic, emotional, and physical spaces, we’ll co-create a plan that naturally inspires you while carefully considering:

  • the people you love,
  • your health,
  • finances,
  • home life,
  • what’s fun to you,
  • what you’re naturally drawn to be and do,
  • professional and social interests, and
  • your spiritual foundation (your experience of being yourself).

I’ll coach you through the implementation of that plan with regularly scheduled phone or video meetings, and ongoing email support. I’ll also assign exercises and extend meaningful challenges in support of liberating your potentials.

Traditional Life Coaching Techniques with Intuitive Guidance 

As a spiritual guide I offer an introspective journey within where all ‘things’ begin. Our life coaching sessions will include spiritual counseling to help you dissolve habitual thoughts that hold you back and encourage you to consciously fuel beliefs that open you to truly living the life you want to live.

Life coaching with me is dynamic, tangibly progressive, and action-oriented. We’ll consistently focus on directing your energy from within (thoughts, ideas, aspirations) to move the earth without in realistic, practical and powerful ways.

  • We’ll get real about underlying and overt perceptions that influence your decisions and beliefs.
  • You’ll get clear about what’s working for you and what you’re ready to release
  • As you identify obstacles, we’ll define tangible, realistic solutions.
  • Your strengths will be honored with strategies and action plans that fully integrate them into your everyday life.

I’ll Meet You Where You Are

No matter your current course, you have the power to shape your future through an awareness of what you’re thinking, choosing, deciding and acting upon in the present. Our life coaching sessions will touch on the past and future to some degree, but will primarily center on making the most of your ever-evolving NOW – yesterday’s future and tomorrow’s past.


The Process

  1. First, we’ll meet for a complimentary phone or video conference to see if we’re a good match.
  2. If we agree to proceed, we’ll set up a regular meeting schedule – same day, time, and method of connection (phone or video chat) each week.
  3. We’ll meet 3 times per month for as many months as you choose. Each session will be 45 minutes.
  4. During our first full session we’ll complete a comprehensive assessment of your current circumstances and what you want to accomplish personally and professionally. We’ll identify your goals and dreams and establish the foundation for a step-by-step plan to realize them. This will take about 90 minutes.
  5. From there, I’ll serve as your accountability partner as you execute your plan.  As any active plan is a living, breathing entity, I’ll help you modify your plans to align with the epiphanies and breakthroughs that are sure to come as we engage.
  6. You’ll have homework! We’ll mutually determine action items for you to complete each week during each session.
  7. You’ll receive unlimited phone and email support from me during our life coaching engagement to ensure you’re on track.


The Side Effects

  • Clarification of your direction.
  • Awareness of underlying intentions fueling your goals.
  • Sharpened focus.
  • Liberation from self-imposed limitations.
  • Reclaiming the power and freedom of self-accountability.
  • Alignment of your lifestyle with your goals.
  • Enhanced self-awareness.
  • Real and measurable accomplishment.


If You Don’t Know What You Want

Clarify and Envision

Not knowing is actually a beautiful and highly fertile state as this is the point of rediscovery – a prelude to renewal.

I’m always available to help you through phases of uncertainty with spiritual guidance. If you want immediate clarity, emotional resolution, and guidance on realigning with your personal Truths, schedule a spiritual reading.

Maybe you desire clarification of your personal vision to reignite enthusiasm and establish a clear direction for bringing your aspirations to life. If you just want to revitalize your focus, but aren’t ready for ongoing comprehensive coaching support, schedule a Strategic Visioning Session.

What I Don’t Do

Mental Health Services

Though we as a society tend to place more importance on what’s seen with our eyes – our material and physical health, the value and importance of our mental health cannot be overstated. Our emotions are our experience of life. Facing unresolved emotions is required coursework for our human journey.

The feelings inspired by thoughts we nourish determine our decisions and actions. We all experience phases where we must purify our feeling world before we can move into times of declaring a new direction, committing to a plan, and doing the tangible, day-to-day tasks required to accomplish our goals. If emotions overrule the focus needed to realize your goals, and the openness required expand your perspectives, finding a qualified mental health therapist may become an assignment during our life coaching engagement.

Although a fruitful life coaching engagement is completely feasible while also participating in counseling with a licensed professional, it’s important to understand the difference in services. As your life coach I won’t invest much time in discussing what you’re not empowered to change. We won’t linger in thoughts about how the past could have been different. The focus will continually be on embracing yourself in the present, acceptance of the past and proactively claiming your future.


Though I have expertise in project management, web development, graphic design, hair coloring, parenting, and a few other areas, I don’ t offer consulting services.

If, for example, you want to build a website, I won’t recommend a development platform to suit your needs, or teach you best practices for coding. Life coaching is about implementing a plan of action to bring your ideas to life, so together we’ll determine the best course action for getting your website developed in a way that suits your needs and supports long-term sustainability within a timeframe that honors your overall plan.