If we’ve yet to meet, or you aren’t sure what a spiritual reading is, take a moment to become acquainted with what to expect, how to book a telephone or video conference session, and ways to make the most of our time together.

What’s the Purpose of a Spiritual Reading?

The purpose of my spiritual readings is to clarify what you cannot see with your eyes, but know as the feeling experience of being you. Clarity is the experience of recognizing what you know is true for you in the midst of being distracted from it (because life on Earth can be intense).

A spiritual reading with me will be fruitful and transformative if you truly want to:

  • align with your inner experience (Soul),
  • explore patterns of your earth journey,
  • and to clarify how your thoughts and feelings are manifesting as your life experience.

This is Your Life!

I am a medium and a messenger with a true reverence for our human journey. The information I channel cuts through the haze of judgments, opinions, and fears you’ve collected on your journey and taps into your inner wisdom (your Soul).

You don’t need answers, you are the answer!

I know and respect this about you. With that in mind, please note:

  • I have no programs or steps to teach – I’ll remind you that you know your way.
  • I have no ideas about what you should or could be doing – you know what you want.
  • Your spiritual or religious beliefs aren’t relevant to me – all paths lead to universal truth.
  • I have no judgement about who you choose to connect with or attach to. I clarify how your relationships are sacred reflections of your truth.
  • Perceptions of what or who is right and wrong hold no power. I illuminate your wisdom – what you know is right for you.
  • I have no opinion, judgments or beliefs about how you live your Life – it’s yours to live as you wish.


What’s a Spiritual Reading Like?

A reading with me is a casual, heart-centered conversation.

Check out what my clients are saying for a broader perspective of what a spiritual reading is like.  If I’ve never read for you before, you’re welcome to schedule a free introductory reading to see if my style of service is for you!

As a consciously open channel I receive a combination of images, words, smells, sounds and physical sensations from which I’m able to convey a story of your present, relative to your past and potential futures. The information I share isn’t from my mind, I won’t tell you what I ‘think’ –  I share what comes through me for you.

As a Psychic

I see your immediate environment, the people around you, and the energetic patterns of your Journey. The future is always written in the present, so we’ll focus on the unique purposes and potentials that empower fully living in the NOW as you make decisions that create your reality.

As a Medium

Though our bodies die, our soul lives on energetically. I serve as a channel through which the souls of those who have crossed over can communicate with you.

The most powerful experience of mediumship is the opportunity to perceive their Earth journey (and yours) from a broader perspective – with compassion and acceptance for your shared experience and an openness to revelations about a soul’s life on Earth and beyond.

A Note About Ghosts and Spirits

What we call spirits and ghosts are forms of energy, like everything else we perceive. We often like to apply human traits to energy so it makes sense to our brains. I don’t personify spirit, so I don’t experience or perceive spirit as people. I don’t have scary, or creepy experiences as a medium as my intention and focuses are heart-centered.

A person is a human with a body that identifies with a personality (ego), and is animated by spirit (Source). Spirit is energy and doesn’t need a human body, or any other Earthly form to exist. Look to our skies for proof of this. All you see is energy in motion – life expanding through merging, colliding, attracting, repelling…

We’re all spirits with our own flow (soul) that’s an extension of a universal order we each instinctually know but can’t explain.

For me, there’s not much difference between connecting with a soul in Earth form or a soul who has transitioned from our Earthly realm. Everything is spiritual (of spirit).

How to Schedule a Session

The process for scheduling a phone or video conference session is completely automated. When you book your appointment, I’ll be notified of the time and your chosen method of connection (phone, FaceTime, or Skype). You’ll receive a confirmation email with the information you need to connect to our session.

You’ll be able to send your appointment to your calendar and have a text reminder sent if you choose.

If we meet by phone, you’ll have the option of recording your session. Your recording will be emailed to you within 24 hours of our meeting.

Please contact me directly to schedule an in-person reading.


Make The Most Of Your Reading

As our time together is for you, it’s in your best interest to prepare for your reading.

Before Your Reading

Create a quiet space, free from distraction. Decide how you will use your session.

Do you want to:

  • gain clarity and insight about a current circumstance?
  • connect with guides and family in other energetic planes?
  • refine a strategy or explore the effects of potential next steps in your life?
  • explore patterns, purposes and meanings of your relationships?

Set clear intentions, but create intellectual space to absorb the unexpected gifts and new perspectives connecting Soulfully will inspire.

During Your Reading

You’ll receive a lot of information at a swift pace! I’ll bypass your mind chatter and connect with your soul. As we in human form tend to second-guess our thoughts and try to find the ‘right’ words, our soul self effortlessly communicates energetically, without reservation.

Ideas, imagery and words flow through me rapidly, fluidly and often poetically. Though the experience may feel surreal, your reading will be like a conversation among friends – casual and informal.

Our time together will open spiritual channels (intuition) that reveal your natural psychic abilities. You may notice physical sensations, emotional shifts, and mental imagery as we flow. I recommend taking notes to capture your unfiltered, immediate impressions of your messages – they matter!

After Your Reading

You may be processing new perspectives and ideas about your situation.  Insight about people, places and things you may not have consciously thought of before have been brought to light. You might have also connected with loved ones who’ve transitioned from our Earthly plane. All of this can trigger a rush of emotion.

Take a few moments to grant yourself mental and emotional space to process what I’ve shared with you. It’s important to fully feel emotions that have arisen. If you can, dedicate some time to quiet stillness. If you’re relaxed and open, insights will continue as a dialogue with your Soul (intuition).

Continue adding to your notes as flashes of clarity and direction arise in the days to come.